my.ini or my.cnf

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my.ini or my.cnf

Postby JonoB » 20. November 2012 10:45

I have a file E:\xampp\mysql\bin\my.ini, but I want to use the config from E:\xampp\mysql\my-large.ini instead.

The instructions in E:\xampp\mysql\my-large.ini say:
You can copy this file to # E:/xampp/mysql/bin/my.cnf to set global options

So, should the file be named my.ini or my.cnf ?
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Re: my.ini or my.cnf

Postby JonB » 20. November 2012 16:18

For Windows/XAMPP it should be my.ini ~

The reference to my.cnf is due to MySQL's *nix hertitage, It is devloped on Unix derivatives then ported/compiled for Windows.

Good Luck
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