php.exe not found message

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php.exe not found message

Postby tcgl » 19. November 2012 00:34


I'm assuming the message im getting because I installed XAMPP on a USB stick. I like to resolve this within the USB stick as i like the ability to sit at any computer to work on my project.

When do i get this message: When i use or create a web app using a yii framework

Administrator@COMPUTER1 G:\xampp\htdocs\yii\framework
# yiic webapp ../../yiiapp
'"F:\xampp\php\php.exe"' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

How do i configure this so that xampp see the path?

xampp version: 1.8.1
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Re: php.exe not found message

Postby JonB » 19. November 2012 19:56

It isn't that it can't SEE the path.

It's that its making an external call, so relative paths don't work. The USB version is 'setup for' relative paths (AFAIK) .

You have two options -

One - use a utility to ensure the USB stick drive letter is "Sticky" (bad, I know)

Two - run the 'setup_xampp.bat' file (found in the XAMPP root) when the drive assigned is wrong, it 'makes the fixes' for moved XAMPP installations (in fact it uses php.exe) Again - this is my understanding of how things work.

I encourage you to look at that batch file and the PHP script it calls. :wink:

Note - the Windows version will ONLY work on Windows host machines.

Good Luck
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