Does XAMPP 1.8 look for saved data from 1.7.7

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Does XAMPP 1.8 look for saved data from 1.7.7

Postby jerryo37 » 12. November 2012 10:33

When I install a new version of XAMPP I normally:
a. backup MySQL databases and tables.
b. shutdown XAMPP
c. copy all of the current XAMPP to another location.
d. run the XAMPP uninstall program
e. delete all of current XAMPP code
f. install new version of XAMPP and then bring it up to date piece by piece.

I just installed 1.8,1 after deleting 1.7.7.
I did one thing differently: While running the 1.7.7 uninstall program I agreed to let is save current MySQL data.
When I started 1.8.1 it apparently 'knew' stuff about MySQLfrom 1.7.7.
I can only assume (a dangerous word) the 1.8.1 used the data saved by the 1.7.7 uninstall program ?
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Thanks in advance.
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