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Htaccess File Problem [solved]

PostPosted: 09. November 2012 21:22
by GrantH
Sorry if this question is super-newbish, but I don't know much about Xampp. Hopefully this will be an easy one for someone to help me with.

I downloaded the .htaccess file from my webserver and placed it into a subfolder of my xampp/htdocs directory (where my website files reside locally). The .htaccess file redirects non-www URLs and URLS containing "index.php" to" After doing so, when I click a link to my local index page or type the path of the index page into the browser, it tries to redirect me to, to a subfolder that doesn't exist, and I get a 404 error. Okay, fine, that's all expected as the .htaccess file appears to be doing what it's supposed to. But now I need to be able to see my index.php file locally again, so I tried renaming the .htaccess file to something else and trying again. No luck, I'm still redirected to the domain. So I tried moving the .htaccess file to a completely different location outside of the xampp folder. Still being redirected. I tried quitting xampp, then my browser, then restarting both....still no change. What do I need to do to make Xampp forget the #@*&! redirect so I can see my home page locally again? This is so silly, there must be a simple solution, yes?

Thanks in advance.

Xampp 1.8.0
CP Panel 3.0.12
Windows 7 Home Premium

Re: Htaccess File Problem

PostPosted: 09. November 2012 22:52
by GrantH
Okay, I knew there had to be a simple fix. I cleared the cache and now it's fine. Should have done that before posting here, sorry.