Will xampp 1.7 work in Windows 8 ?

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Will xampp 1.7 work in Windows 8 ?

Postby kzoty » 07. November 2012 23:32

I'm about to upgrade Windows 7 to 8, however, that came to my mind that Xampp may not work and I really depend on the server to work (I dont have enough patience to setup a server installing PHP, MYSQL, APACHE...).

Thanks in advance

Ps. I said Xampp 1.7, coze the versions 1.8 worked very different for me, my virtual hosts did not worked like I expected, lots of problems with my Framework.

Thank you
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Re: Will xampp 1.7 work in Windows 8 ?

Postby JonB » 09. November 2012 11:31

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