Error uninstalling - REALLY ANNOYED - A MUST READ -

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Error uninstalling - REALLY ANNOYED - A MUST READ -

Postby xxzacthemag » 04. November 2012 00:00

I am having a potential issue with XAMPP 1.7.3 and I am getting so annoyed, I have even got the company that gave my PC to me to even try to wipe the file of xampp!!!!!

Basically, I just tried to download 'XAMPP' and after that, I got bored of it.. .so I went to 'Uninstall xampp' and I uninstall it and then I went into my program files and 'XAMPP' was still there!! I tried to delete it and it kept saying 'Cannot delete file' and all this crap kept appearing!
I'm now stuck with this stupid file on my computer due to this software wont' let me remove it.

I have tried to even contact some online technical agency that can't get it removed!!!
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Re: Error uninstalling - REALLY ANNOYED - A MUST READ -

Postby JonB » 06. November 2012 02:00

If you ran the 'uninstaller' - all you really 'uninstalled' was the installer itself and removes the services (depending on the version).

XAMPP itself, and its components are registry agnostic, so it only needs to be deleted via Explorer or the Command Prompt.

There is one possible exception, and that would be if you made one of the executables into a service (Apache, MySQl, Filezilla, etc). Then you would need to stop the service and remove the service from Windows Services management first.

Of course all that is detailed here; (another MUST READ!)

Good Luck
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