Shell cURL command [Answered]

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Shell cURL command [Answered]

Postby canadezo » 01. November 2012 23:24

OK, I feel very dumb at this, but here goes. I have the newest xampp available(downloaded 3 days ago)
I've been trying to test a script I downloaded, and been running into the same issue continuously.
Right now; my issue is within Xampp. My script is reading these two errors :
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     Shell cURL command not present. Please install it with apt-get install curl or yum install curl.

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    shell unzip command not present. Please install it with 'apt-get install unzip' or 'yum install unzip'.
I need to know how to fix it, please!
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Re: Shell cURL command

Postby JonB » 02. November 2012 14:14

Uhhh - Sorry to disappoint - not a XAMPP issue - its a Windows vs. Linux issue

Its because the script you DL'ed was designed to run on an OS that is a Unix derivative i.e Unix, Linux, Solaris, Mac etc.

Shell cURL command not present.

shell unzip command not present.

Those are 'shell' commands (run by the Operating System)

Good Luck

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