Problems [Apache & Stop XAMPP]

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Problems [Apache & Stop XAMPP]

Postby SagaxNothus » 24. October 2012 16:55

First of all I have Windows XP Professional.

I download XAMPP and run it normally. I installed the components(Apache, MySQL, etc). When I re-opened it, it said:
Port 80 is already in use by Skype blah blah.
Port 443 is already in use by Skype blah blah.

I tried to stop XAMPP(xampp_stop.exe) but then it said:
Can't find apache\logs\
Can't find mysql\data\

I changed 1 of the port(80) to 81.

Yes, I re-installed it. Also before re-install I think 80 port was not from Skype.

Anyway, I closed Skype already and it worked like charm. xampp_stop.exe don't work tho, I thought after I start apache it might create the files which couldn't find.
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Re: Problems [Apache & Stop XAMPP]

Postby hackattack142 » 25. October 2012 04:26

The 'xampp_start.exe' and 'xampp_stop.exe' are old files. You should now do the starting/stopping of xampp modules from the xampp-control.exe.
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