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chmod in windows

PostPosted: 12. October 2012 15:02
by MKOracle
Hi all ...
I have a problem with my xampp and windows 7 !
I want to create a application with php, and it want to create a file in specific folder in my localhost on xampp ...
Because I use Windows I can't change the permisions of folders in xampp and this app dos not work correctly ... I try the application in linux and it worked .
Now how can I change the permission file in Windows in xampp ?!
thank u

Re: chmod in windows

PostPosted: 12. October 2012 16:23
by JonB
The answer is simple - CHMOD does not exist in Windows, its irrelevant. Just write your code to check the OS. On Windows, with Apache use .htaccess and DIrectory directives in configuration files.

You could change permissions on Windows folders if you knew enough, but that would not work on Linux either.

Good Luck