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Error establishing a database connection

PostPosted: 04. October 2012 16:37
by thorney

i was trying to put my wordpress local host site onto the net. in order for this to work i had to ensure passwords etc on wp-config.php matched those for the live host database. anyway password requirements on live host prevented me from doing this. thus i changed passowrd in the wp-config.php but this did not work so i tried changing password in privileges in phpmyadmin aswell. Since then however ive have been unable to reload wordpress on localhost due to Error establishing a database connection. Can anybody help, its driving me nuts

Re: Error establishing a database connection

PostPosted: 09. October 2012 14:46
by JonB
you have to re-create the WP 'database user' locally.

The best way to move WP is to do a complete new installation - then restore the 'wp' database and its tables.

You sorta didn't bother to mention what version of WP this is. It is wisest to install the exact same version locally.

Good Luck