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Xampp security

Postby damselfish » 01. October 2012 02:01

All right, now that I have xampp running I want to make sure that I am all right, security-wise. I am using xampp only to code and test my sites, and then to upload final code via Filezilla.

I have followed the instructions on the xampp security screen, and I have green secure symbols for Apache, mySQL and phpMyAdmin. 4th line shows as unknown, I'm not sure what to do about that.

The page also mentions that you're supposed to fix FileZilla's security problems yourself, and I have read up a little on this. From my reading, it sounds like Filezilla stores passwords in clear...if true, I can't see anything I can do about that.

I'm looking into whether my hosting service supports SFTP.

So anyway, I'm looking for thoughts on what else I need to do.

For anyone who saw my other thread this week, I am still getting that port 80 and 443 error but not always, so right now I am just going with it. If I get the error, I just try again and eventually it works.

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Re: Xampp security

Postby JonB » 02. October 2012 19:48

Ummm - what's included with XAMPP is the Filezilla 'server' - not the client. So, if you don't have anyone else using the code, just disable the FileZilla server. To upload, you would use the Filezilla 'client' (which supports SFTP).

Good Luck
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