htdoc sites do not display using localhost

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htdoc sites do not display using localhost

Postby Chasf » 30. September 2012 16:45

I am pretty much a novice with Apache but have been working with Joomla for 8 years developing Joomla websites. I do a lot of my work offline and was using 1.7. I was wanting to start working with Joomla 3 but it takes a higher version of PHP than 1.7 has. I unintalled 1.7 and installed 1.8 and everything is running. When I try to access a site using localhost I am getting a page that says "Object Not Found!" and offers me a link to localhost where it brings up the xmapp admin site.

With my old Xmapp 1.7 I never had that trouble, all I had to do was type in Localhost/website folder and the site would come up in my browser.

Is there something I did not install or need to re configure to get my folders in htdocs to display using localhost?

Thanks for any help.
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Re: htdoc sites do not display using localhost

Postby luckylam » 01. October 2012 04:30

When I put my php file into htdocs/xampp, that file can display on Browser. I have no idea why It cannot display on browser when I put my file on htdocs and secondly I cant display my html file :( Can someone plz tell me what issue is happening? Thanks in advance!
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