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Im lost.

PostPosted: 24. September 2012 15:19
by ErkiB
I have now done everything needed and my phpmyadmin is running, but whats next? Ive totally hit a wall now as I have no clue, I dont even know how to see if its connected to my website which is through Wordpress.

I sersiouly need help in understand whats next, Ive been using Wordpress for a long time but want to use themes, so I installed Xampp and Wordpress, its working fine now but when I go to PHPmyadmin, I cant understand nothing. I did create a new user and everything but I would like to know how do I get it...well...working? Like whats next? How can I start using themes and see if its even connected to my wordpress site as there is no sign of that anywhere. Please help, Totally lost on how to get this thing working properly.