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not sure on Magneto [Answered]

PostPosted: 19. September 2012 02:07
by riggers
i'm not sure if this problem is a xampp problem or weather i need help from the software provider.
i have downloaded magento community and have the files in a folder in xampp, i have created a database to use with magento. i type into my browser expecting an installation wizard to start but the page opens with the following heading:-
Index of /magento
I don't know, as this is all new to me but i suspect the problem is not xampp but either something i'm not doing correctly or something in my files is wrong.
if you can help i'm most greatfull if it's not a problem that comes under xampp i'm sorry to have wasted your time,
thank you.

Re: not sure

PostPosted: 20. September 2012 14:16
by JonB
Likely issue:

Is the folder under htdocs?

If not, you probably need either an Alias or some Directory directives in httpd.conf

Good Luck

Re: not sure

PostPosted: 20. September 2012 16:25
by Altrea
Hi riggers,

do you really think, "not sure" is a self speaking headline for a topic? I don't hope so.
What topic would you expect if you read this headline?
Would you click on a headline like that if you are searching for the soliution of your problem?

Next time please take 2 minutes to choose a self speaking headline relating to your topic/problem. Thank you.

best wishes,

Re: not sure

PostPosted: 21. September 2012 00:25
by riggers
sorry Altrea,
what i was not sure about was weather my problem was valid for this forum or not. But yes i do get your point about the headline so sorry again.
and yes Jon the folder is under htdocs.

Re: not sure

PostPosted: 21. September 2012 01:03
by JonB
it is likely you have an Index problem OR you may have to specify the 'installer file'

If a folder is specified (and its under the DocumentRoot) then the 'starter' or Index file must be listed in the Index directives (found in \xampp\apache\conf\httpd.conf)

# DirectoryIndex: sets the file that Apache will serve if a directory
# is requested.
<IfModule dir_module>
DirectoryIndex index.php index.cgi index.asp index.shtml index.html index.htm \
default.php default.cgi default.asp default.shtml default.html default.htm \
home.php home.cgi home.asp home.shtml home.html home.htm

When you get an "Index of ...", it means Apache did not find a file in that list. The order does matter, so an index.php would trump an index.html in the default XAMPP installation. That's what drives you to the XAMPP Welcome page.

I know nothing about Magneto, so I can't guess what it should be doing. Many scripts have installers that have to be called to configure the script, often with names like ', install.php, 'installer.php', etc. Some times the installer is in a separate folder.

I hope this helps, even if it only clarifies things some.

Re: not sure

PostPosted: 21. September 2012 14:13
by riggers
thank you