Newbie Needs help

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Newbie Needs help

Postby Paul_b » 16. September 2012 14:28


I have just installed XAMPP and followed all the instructions and it works fine. When I type Http://localhost I get the "It Works!" message.

I question is this:
I am currently learning to build websites with a PHP form submission (basically so a customer can fill in a form and get a price quote back)
So far I have created a basic form in html and a basic php alongside it. How do I now, have the form so that when i fill in the data it kicks back the reply? I know I have to use the php and html in conjunction through the local server but I dont know how!
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Re: Newbie Needs help

Postby JonB » 16. September 2012 22:00

"When I type Http://localhost I get the "It Works!" message."

That is NOT what you should get - you should get the XAMPP Welcome page.

Does the Control Panel show Apache and MySQL as running?

are there error messages in the Control Panel dialogue?
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