solved - External access fails

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solved - External access fails

Postby PaulC2K » 15. September 2012 19:38

== Turns out i'd not considered the firewall would be rejecting my efforts - Problem solved. ==

I've got xampp installed and working, had to do a reinstall of OS on both the server and workstation PCs, the xampp location wasnt affected by this, it just needed the services reinstalling, and thats all fine.
My server can access my vhost pages, however the workstation can no longer see it, and im confused as to why.

Heres a list of things ive tried:

This is the same on the workstation & server, ive checked an old backup of the hosts file, theres nothing specifically wrong with the formatting. I've put a block on to test, and that works. So the file is being used. I've done multiple reboots too, although its always taken effect instantly in the past anyway.
[edit] pinging the address comes back correct, which i guess proves its not the workstation at fault? [/edit]

Ive used CMD netstat -aon to check nothing has helped itself to port 80
Workstation - nothing, its not locked to anything.
Server - PID for Apache2.2

Listen 80
ServerName localhost:80

Code: Select all
<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot D:/xampp/htdocs
ServerName localhost
ServerAdmin admin@localhost

<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot D:/xampp/htdocs/
ServerAdmin admin@localhost

Xampp Info
Install - 1.7.7
Panel - 2.5
Code: Select all
Status Check OK
XAMPP Application Status
    httpd State 1 Service 1 Start 0 Thread 0 Op 0 Port 80
    mysql State 1 Service 1 Start 0 Thread 0 Op 0 Port 3306
      ftp State 0 Service 0 Start 0 Thread 0 Op 0 Port 21
  mercury State 0 Service 0 Start 0 Thread 0 Op 0 Port 25
     java State 0 Service 0 Start 0 Thread 0 Op 0 Port 8080

The Xampp files havent changed since before the fresh OS & whatnot, they're exactly as they where when they were working perfectly a week or 2 ago, only the workstation cant see them now.
The network share to the xampp folder is fine, doubt thats relevant, but maybe it helps.
The machine is on an auto-assigned IP, set at the router, and the machine name is still the same (WHS2011), it was actually an old backup restored from the original HDD before imaging it to an SSD, i had OS issues so re-imaged the old version from Oct/Nov, so essentially its the same OS install on the server.
I have things like XBMC, SABnzbd & Couchpotato running on the server, and they're all connectible as they should be, either by [ip]:[port] or [machinename]:[port]
Attempting to connect to the server :80 fails, by name or ip.

Ive run out of things to try, and cant think of anything else i might be able to add which is relevant here. Im guessing its not really something that specific to xampp, but either a configuration in the xampp files allowing access to the workstation (although, these files havent changed since the fresh OS), or its something ive forgotten to do on the workstation to route it through, i thought the host file would do all that.
Also, just to be very clear, everything works perfectly when accessing the vhost locations from the server, so the vhost config seems correct, however the machine i work on sees nothing. It just times out.

If anyone has any tips, that'd be great, or if needs additional info, just let me know what your looking for (and how to get it) and i'll go fetch.
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