MySQL Server Disappeared

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MySQL Server Disappeared

Postby Aram » 14. September 2012 19:15

Hello everyone,

I downloaded 1.8.0 today just to upgrade since my previous version was about a year old. I was using:
- XAMPP 1.7.7
- Apache 2.2.21
- MySQL 5.5.16
- PHP 5.3.8
- XAMPP Control Panel 2.5
- phpMyAdmin 3.4.5

All other components were not in use or at their default settings (I haven't touched them). I'm creating an online shop and created a page to add some products (games to be specific). I did forget to use htmlspecialchars() and mysql_real_escape_string() but the person adding the products knows nothing about SQL injection and has no reason to attack the server since he's the co-owner of the online shop.
He tried to add a game (the page contains a few inputs and a query to add the data to the database) but instead of adding it he got an error saying that the password was incorrect. That was true because it tried to connect to the database with a password but there was none. That's the weird thing. I had set the password and somehow it got removed and set back to the default (nothing at all). On top of that all the tables were removed as well.
So in short: the entire MySQL server has been reset. And I have no idea what happened. This was before I installed XAMPP 1.8.0. It wasn't a big loss as there wasn't a lot of data which I wanted to keep, all I want to know is: what the hell happened? :shock:

Sincerely, Aram.
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