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Adding New Users in Wordpress?

PostPosted: 13. September 2012 20:17
by ErkiB
Now I have added a new user for Wordpress, but I have a couple of other questions as well.

1. Under Databases, There are several Databases (cdcol, Information_Schema, mysql, performance_schema,
phpmyadmin, test, webauth, wordpress). To which ones do I need to add a new user to?

2. When adding a new user, it asks about Host?, So Im guessing I should pick Localhost?

3. Also, When adding a new user, There are Privileges. What exactly should I choose under Database for User? AND Global Privileges?

I actually have a hard time understanding what the Database for User actually incorporates, the same with Global Privileges, are those my privileges or the ones Im giving to other users?

PS. If its needed to know, Im trying to create a website for Reviewing and posting News about Games,Movies so on and so forth, Pretty simplistic site, with a Wordpress theme I have in mind.

Thank you.

Re: Adding New Users in Wordpress?

PostPosted: 13. September 2012 20:47
by JonB
this is off-topic here really - But I will try to give you a short answer

the answer is that the user should be added to the 'mysql' database and the host should be 'localhost'.

Finally when you are administering mysql as 'root' you are adding users and privileges for others. For WordPress these are NOT 'real users' rather a 'user' that WordPress can impersonate as an application to make changes to the 'wp-whataver' database that is created, it will have its own table of 'wp-users' (as I recall)

I hope that is some help - you should use the WordPress Codex. It might be the best online documentation ever developed.

Good Luck