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Postby trentdadi » 04. April 2004 22:33

I just need some help getting my SMTP server going.

I got as far as the server getting the mail but then the problem comes when it tries to send the mail out to my account at

I think I have a few of the settings screwed up. I am also behind a router. Do I use the DNS server of the router or do I use the DNS server that my ISP gives me?

Even just a quick explanation of what everything is doing like the difference between POP3 and SMTP or even a link to a site that will give me basic knowledge of this would be world of help to me.
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Postby MAGnUm » 08. April 2004 02:09

use your ISP's its easier, and most dont allow you to host a mail server with out relaying off theirs anyway.
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not possible with hotmail

Postby chanio » 07. May 2004 20:39

:lol: There is a lot of programmers trying to get a connection to hotmail. But as I heard, the system uses three redirects to access the hotmail server (I think that for security reasons). That is why it is impossible to use it as an SMTP server or even read the emails from something that is not Outlook or OX. :idea:
If you use a normal email server (not a webmail server) you are going to have it easy to implement. Don't waste your time with hotmail.
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