Send Mail in PHP using Mercury

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Send Mail in PHP using Mercury

Postby alex_cc » 11. September 2012 22:00


I try with a web form (this form and php code was tested in another server with wamp & mercury, worked fine and send and receive web form ok) but now in XAMPP worked fine but don't put the mail!! If I send mail from Mercury console or Outlook connection in other computer send and receive very well!!

I configure php.ini, mercury SMTP server, but something miss because in the console of mercury in the window SMTP server, show the connection from mail (from the web form) RCPT to (my mail to receive the form) put the time average 60 sec. connection close.
Don't show how many lines of message and of course don't put anything in the folder of mercury mail/mail/...

Anybody know what happened????

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