xampp mail services

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xampp mail services

Postby mik1050 » 07. September 2012 15:40

1. I am using xampp as locallhost server for a web designing software (WB), after submiting a "contact us" form - nothing happens,how I can check that mail service is working?

2 .I fined all text mails at - c:\xampp\apache\mailoutput
why the mail is not been sent?
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Re: xampp mail services

Postby JonB » 07. September 2012 20:49

1. there is no mail service unless you install and configure one.

2. see one.

If you need to 'send' mail - YOU have to either
A. Use the 'sendmail' that comes with XAMPP - it is in \xampp\sendmail along with a sendmail.ini file
B: install and configure a mailserver - such as Mercury of HMail (you will need a registered domain and access to your nameservers)

Then you will probably need to edit php.ini on the wild guess that whatever script it is you are using is written in PHP. You may also need to edit that script's configuration file.

Good Luck
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