problem in accessing xampp server v1.7.7

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problem in accessing xampp server v1.7.7

Postby mafiaspider » 07. September 2012 00:41

Hi there
please i need help,i installed xampp 1.7.7 on my desktop computer , everything seems to be normal and working,but i can't accsess the server from outside a lan, i mean how can i access the server through internet, not localy?
i have direct internet connection (WAN miniport pppoe) i don't have a router ,i have cable connection just put username and pass and im online.
my external ip address is static dont change its {} and this is what i see when i go to but icannot access the server with this address ( i don't know why),also i can access the server with my internal ip address {} and {192.168.x.x} but just throwgh my computer browsers or from a computer in my LAN but any computer outside cannot accsess the server,please can any body tell me what i need to do so i can make my server online for puplic? i do many search in google about this but with no luck coz all what i find speaking a bout routers ,but i don't have one,so i hape any one can help me in this pleaseeee.
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Re: problem in accessing xampp server v1.7.7

Postby JonB » 07. September 2012 21:04

a. See if your ISP is blocking port 80 for starters

b. have a friend ping your exteranl IP, see what happens.

Good Luck

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