Trojan in mysql bin

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Trojan in mysql bin

Postby setman » 05. September 2012 22:47


I run some Call of Duty Gaming Servers, and lately maybe 2 times a week my AVG will pick up a Trojan horse
The file comes up as Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic_r.ALG cna.12.dll And it comes up in the xampp/mysql/bin/cna.12.dll

Any ideas what I can do? Password Changes in Xampp?

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Re: Trojan in mysql bin

Postby JonB » 06. September 2012 00:09

It is a trojan (apparently) it does not belong there.

What is to be done? that depends on the payload.

As to how it got there, only you would know. Yeah, I guess changing XAMPP passwords is a good idea.

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