Multiple Sessions in One Server

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Multiple Sessions in One Server

Postby markvergel » 26. August 2012 04:27

Hi Guys -

I need to know how to make multiple session active in one server. I have setup as web server in our network and created several webpages per line of business we have. this is like an internal website. all webpages have login option so that users can login. what i am using is session_start() to start session per page. which when one user is logged in to a different webpage for example "http://localhost/lob1" and when he opened "http://localhost/lob2". he will be automatically logged in to http://localhost/lob2.. which the user should not be logged in just yet. i need to start a new session on the 2nd or 3rd webpage the user will open.

does anyone have any idea how to make this possible?
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