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"Waiting for localhost..." problem

PostPosted: 19. August 2012 22:29
by rahuldaxini
whenever i click admin or type localhost/phpmyadmin in browser
its keeps on waiting for localhost and does not open
i re installed the software didnt work as well
re installed browser didnt work as well
i did everything i could

now i need expert opinion

win 7
browser firefox

Re: "Waiting for localhost..." problem

PostPosted: 20. August 2012 21:39
by JonB
A. Does Apache show the 'green light' (running) in the Control Panel?

B. When you open http://localhost - do you get the XAMPP welcome page?

C. Please post the 'last part' of the Apache error log - \xampp\apache\logs\error_log.txt

Good Luck