Failure to Connect to index

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Failure to Connect to index

Postby Josh_rausch » 20. August 2012 13:56

First off, I'm an absolute noob at this. So sorry if my information is not complete, or if my problem doesn't belong here. But you guys seem very capable of helping me out...

I recently downgraded my XAMPP install - 1.8.0 was running perfectly. However, I am creating a Joomla site, and Joomla 2.5 is not designed to work with PHP 5.5 yet. My webpage was constantly filled with Script-error codes, and my research concluded that it seemed this was due to the application running on PHP 5.5 when it's designed for PHP 5.3 / 5.4. So I went through the hassle of uninstalling 1.8.0, wiping out my cookies, saving the htdocs folder, and setting up 1.7.7.

All services are now running, and I have successfully created a password for the root user, as well as creating a new username and its corresponding password. I can login to phpMyAdmin no problem. The problem is that I can't login to my sites - Filezilla rejects my username and password, and when I go to ftp://josh@ and enter my username and password, it also gets rejected. I cannot access my index in the browser nor in Filezilla. Both reject the username I created. I even made a new one.

They also reject using the username root and its password, for what it's worth.

UPDATE - as I was writing this, I perused the security section of XAMPP browser control panel (I think that's the apache control panel, actually, but I honestly don't know)

It seems Filezilla is set up to work with a default username, newuser (pw wampp) - which is ok. But shouldn't a user defined in phpMyAdmin also be a username for Filezilla? I believed I had done that last time?
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Re: Failure to Connect to index

Postby JonB » 20. August 2012 18:50

They have nothing to do with each other. MySQL and phpMyadmin (its a web-interface for MySQL) are joined at the hip. FTP is a totally separate issue. The Username for the FTP 'user' is not relevant on a Windows system. I'm kind of lost on why you want to use FTP to our local machine anyway.

If you choose to, you could certainly make them uniform, with the same 'secure' password. You should not delete or change anything other than the PW on the 'root' users for MySQL. You "SHOULD" create your own 'new' users for MySQL vis-a-vis Joomla, WordPress etc. (you won't need a new 'pma' user) and FTP if you are going to allow the Internet to connect to your XAMPP server.

I hope this helps
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