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security & DocumentRoot/VirtualDomain

Postby skrwl » 03. April 2004 04:20

I've got minixampp working great so far on Win XP despite my lack of experience or understanding... if anyone can address the following it'd be SO helpful.

1) I'm sure that for years to come I won't be using this for anything but development purposes, mostly just trying to learn a little PHP/MySQL stuff... if I NEVER intend to serve pages to the outside world, is there anything I need to do to keep that outside world out?

2) Can someone please confirm if I'm on the right track with this:
I'd like to set Apache up so certain directories at various places on the drive are the root folders for individual site projects I work on... especially so every one of them can use relative pathnames like <a href="/"> and have that link go to the individual project root, not the overall server DocumentRoot. From what I've gleaned so far, I *think* I need to:
-set up C: or maybe just C:\My Documents as the DocumentRoot, then:
-try to set up each of the site projects' root folders as Virtual Domains
If I get a confirmation that I'm making the right plans, then I'll RTFM and try to figure it out myself... but I'd love any advice that prevents me from wasting time trying to go about this the wrong way.
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Postby MAGnUm » 08. April 2004 02:11

on the right track. as far as keeping the outside out buy a cable/ dsl router if you dont already have one.
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