APACHE does not start

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APACHE does not start

Postby sanguina » 17. August 2012 06:43

Hello friends - would really appreciate some help on this.

I have installed XAMPP via xampp-win32-1.8.0-VC9-installer on win xp.

The problem is Apache does not start. I have tried reinstalling apache service - but to no avail. When i click on the start apache button - it simply says starting service and it stays that ways for long - no error message, no indications whatsoever.

I have enabled error logging - but the log does not write anything - making it all the more difficult to pinpoint any particular issue.

There should not be any possible conflict - the only other program installed on this pc is office XP -

Any suggestions on how to go about tracking and solving this ?

regards & thanks
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Re: APACHE does not start

Postby JonB » 17. August 2012 15:57

Did you use netstat to see if you have conflicts on ports 80 and/or 443?

Did you install the Microsoft Visual C 2008 runtimes as indicated in the Announcement at the top of this forum?

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