Problem with update XAMPP

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Problem with update XAMPP

Postby roberto2101 » 15. August 2012 21:24

Hi guys,

so, I have updated Xampp to latest version.

I had password in old version, in Xampp panel control, and in PhpMyAdmin.

Now, my browser write error if I go to localhost/xampp/

I have update password of PhpMyAdmin in file config in the folder, but for xampp panel control I don't know to do.

Please, I hope is this solution for my error: my error browser is in italian, thanks:

Errore del server!

Il server ha generato un errore interno e non è in grado di soddisfare la richiesta. Il server potrebbe essere sovraccarico oppure si è verificato un errore in uno script CGI.

Se pensi che questo sia un errore del server, per favore contatta il webmaster.
Error 500
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Re: Problem with update XAMPP

Postby JonB » 16. August 2012 04:35

Please describe how you 'upgraded' XAMPP?

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