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Error 1133

PostPosted: 10. August 2012 02:01
A newbie question about error 1133.

I just installed XAMPP VERSION and trying to create a password in the PHPMyAdmin. I was able to create a username but when i create a new password an error shows up as follows:

SQL query:
MySQL said: Documentation
#1133 - Can't find any matching row in the user table

I was reading a post with the same topic but it was dated January 2009. The menu privileged that says in the post is no longer available in the new version. Any help will be very much appreciated.

Re: Error 1133

PostPosted: 10. August 2012 12:49
by Altrea
Hi espi62,

Two possible issues:
  • MySQL hasen't updated the runtime priviledges
  • The user creation wasn't fully successful

For possibility one simply flush the user priviledges or simply restart MySQL
The other possibility will be to delete the user and recreate it again.

Do you want to explain exactly, how you have created the user? Maybe this is the point.

best wishes,

Re: Error 1133

PostPosted: 10. August 2012 19:37
Altrea, thank you very much for responding. The following configuration i copied from the book i am reading. (Murad's php and MySQL)

$cfg ['blowfish_secret'] = 'dk2ovc93ms28si29';

/*Authentication type and info */
$cfg [ ' Servers ' ] [$i] [ ' auth_type' ] = ' cookie ' ;
$cfg [ ' Servers ' ] [$i] [ ' user ' ] = ' ' ;
$cfg [ ' Servers ' ] [$i] [ ' password ' ] = ' ' ;

If i need to recreate user, do i need to restore default then do the same steps stated above?

Please bear with me since this my very first time doing php.

Please advise the best solution to solve this.
Thank you very much