MySQL servicestart problem

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MySQL servicestart problem

Postby nagendrakanagal » 08. August 2012 14:24

I tried all the steps mentioned in the second step
Restarting the service

but now I am getting this error When I tried to execute the mysql_installservice.bat

Installing MySQL as a service
Installing service "mysql"...
Service "mysql" is installed.
Now we start MySQL :
Starting service "mysql"...
Service "mysql" is not started.
Press any key to continue . . .

Could you please help me out...

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Re: MySQL servicestart problem

Postby JonB » 08. August 2012 19:58

You should only have to run that once.

Is this a new installation of XAMPP 1.7.3?

have you had a previosu installation of MySQL on this machine?

What version of NT????

Good Luck
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