Microsoft C++ 2008 32 Bit runtime ob USB drive

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Microsoft C++ 2008 32 Bit runtime ob USB drive

Postby janecraft » 08. August 2012 00:36

Newbie question -- I am trying to install xampp-win32-1.8.0-usb-lite on a USB drive -- do I install Microsoft C++ 2008 32 bit runtime libraries on the USB drive? How does this work? Many thanks!
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Re: Microsoft C++ 2008 32 Bit runtime ob USB drive

Postby Altrea » 08. August 2012 18:40

Hi janecraft (there is ALWAYS time for a short salutation especially if you are asking for help on a community board. It's a matter of politeness),

I have splitted your question from the sticky announcement. Please don't use announcements or stickys for support questions.

The runtime libraries needs to be accessible on the computer you are trying to start the xampp component.
So if you are trying to start it from an usb drive from multiple computers, the runtime needs to be accessible on all of them.

Normally you could simply include the runtime files in your xampp application (same way it done with the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 runtimes for the apache compilation in XAMPP 1.8.0), but never tried this.

best wishes,
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Re: Microsoft C++ 2008 32 Bit runtime ob USB drive

Postby hackattack142 » 08. August 2012 22:04

If you would like to be a tester, I have had a hunch for a while but never wanted to wipe all the VC++ runtimes off my systems to test it.

Does it work if you copy (not cut) the 'msvcr90.dll' from the '/xampp/php' directory into the '/xampp/apache/bin' directory?
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