Xampp used to work yesterday now i'm hopeless

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Xampp used to work yesterday now i'm hopeless

Postby legas » 07. August 2012 16:33

Hi members!

I'm busy making a phpbb forum.
Before i would put it online i wanted to test it and complete it offline. On a 'home server'
So I used Xampp!

I made a new folder named 'forum' inside my htdocs, so i could go to the url: localhost/forum

I don't know much about Xampp so please help me, i came to this problem:
Yesterday everything went good, I installed the forum, made some major changes to it etc.
There was a database made in phpmyadmin etc. Inside phpmyadmin on the left side there were alot of maps, (databases I think)

Today I wanted to continue, i start Xampp, and when I typed localhost/forum I got this error:
SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]
Access denied for user ''@'localhost' to database 'forum' [1044]
An sql error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact an administrator if this problem persists.

When I got to localhost/phpmyadmin i can only see 2 maps (databases) on the left side.
So there is something wrong, but I really can't figure out what could be wrong.
Can anybody please help me?

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Re: Xampp used to work yesterday now i'm hopeless

Postby JonB » 08. August 2012 03:01

XAMPP is still working - you have a script problem


That's NOT a quote before @'localhost' that's TWO single quotes wiht nothing in between i..e. a null username.

There is the issue - the username is not defined. I have no idea of exactly what is wrong but it is likely the config file for phpBB,

You should check on their support forum for help.

Good luck
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