phpmysqladmin cant access mysql

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phpmysqladmin cant access mysql

Postby miltmobley » 04. August 2012 05:29

I just installed xampp 1.8.0 on W7 Home Premium SP1, all servers are running and your control app seems to work, but phpmyadmin can't access the mysql server
using user='root', password='no'. I can access the server with no problems using a recent mysqlworkbench instance using the same user and password info.
What could be causing this problem? I didn't see anything like this in the FAQ file.
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Re: phpmysqladmin cant access mysql

Postby JonB » 04. August 2012 11:29

Hi Milt -

As Altrea likes to point out, a pleasant salutation is always polite - particularly when asking for help.

Now to your issue - what is the exact error you are receiving? (you don't say)

If its MySQL error 2002 -
The simplest solution might be to run the XAMPP 'security fix' - it sets the 'root' and 'pma' passwords and writes a .htaccess file for the xampp folder.
Its found on the XAMPP Security page.

The other solution is to manually set the 'pma' user PW and edit to reflect the login option you want.

Good Luck
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