XAMPP and downloading

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XAMPP and downloading

Postby Steve LeMaster » 03. August 2012 23:32

Hello, folks.

I successfully set up XAMPP on Windows Server 2008 R2, installed Wordpress and it functions well also. I was having difficulties with Apache, but fixed it when I discovered that a process was using port 80 with a PID 4.

I have files that I download from my server when I'm at my work, but they are on two 2 TB hard drives. How would I access those files on those drives?

Is this something that I have to configure in XAMPP, so when the download request is sent, it points to those drives. Or is this a Wordpress issue?

Seems to me that I have to install XAMPP on one of the 2TB drives and migrate all my files to it.


I hope I worded that right.
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Re: XAMPP and downloading

Postby JonB » 04. August 2012 12:10

You need the Apache Alias directive

http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/urlmap ... ml#outside

Good Luck

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