Need to grant access to localhost with simple instructions

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Need to grant access to localhost with simple instructions

Postby Hanslan » 03. August 2012 17:06

Hi, I've read a few dozen threads and posts all over the Internet but still cannot figure this out. I simply want to give my friend access to my localhost site. I found my internal IP address which will take me to my site as long as I put the folder name of my website after it like so: In my Belkin router settings, I've added a virtual server setting for my computer (using the internal IP) and assigning the port as 80. Next I am looking at my Windows Firewall with Advanced Security where I added an inbound rule. Here are the rules in place:

Protocol type: TCP over local port 80.
Profiles: Domain, Private, Public (I don't know what this means)

I have tried the URL for both my internal IP address and my external one (thanks, Google!) with the folder name after it, but no access. I'd appreciate some extremely simple and complete step-by-step instructions.

Bonus questions:
If I do scope, can I add the IP address of my friend so only they can access the website?
I read somewhere once that there is a free service that can help keep the connection to a dynamic IP address steady for outside usage. Do you know what this service is?
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