Automatic restart

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Automatic restart

Postby x3x3 » 02. August 2012 18:14

My OS is Windows7 and I use xampp 1.7.4. Is there any way to restart my Apache automatically?
The point is that process httpd.exe has memory leak. After some amount of page requests it's using a lot of RAM and I afraid that once it will crash if I don't restart it. But I can't monitor that always. So, I need an automatization.

In the internet I read it is Apache 2 problem, but I can't downgrade it.

And it also not my php-script problem. I tried this code
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<?php echo "Hello World";?>
This grab memory too and doesn't free it till restart the httpd.
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Re: Automatic restart

Postby Altrea » 02. August 2012 20:51

Hi x3x3,

x3x3 wrote:Is there any way to restart my Apache automatically?

Sure! You could graceful restart your apache with a small batch and start this batch with your Windows task scheduler.

best wishes,
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