Xampp Version Windows Server 2008

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Xampp Version Windows Server 2008

Postby vboi » 01. August 2012 09:22

I am trying to install on a windows server 2008 Xampp. I would like to run a website application we built which was built using Php5.2 However i am unable to find the correct version of Xampp which would work on windows server 2008 and also provide support for Php5.2 My website does not work on Php5.3 does anyone know what correct version i should be using that allows me to use Xampp in windows server 2008 with support for php5.2 and not php5.3?

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Re: Xampp Version Windows Server 2008

Postby Altrea » 01. August 2012 11:37

Hi vboi (there is ALWAYS time for a short salutation, especially if you are asking for help at a community board. It is a matter of politeness),

The last XAMPP version with PHP 5.2 was XAMPP 1.7.1 which comes with PHP 5.2.9.
It can be downloaded here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/xampp/f ... ows/1.7.1/

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