Deleted Database Please help

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Deleted Database Please help

Postby TN240 » 01. August 2012 02:51

Hello all. I am very new to this and i do not use SQL or php. I have a major problem. my site was hacked and they deleted the SQL database for the website. First i need to know is there any logs i can look at to see what happened? does this program log IP addresses or anything like that? I am not sure what version of Xampp the server is running it doesnt seem to tell me anywhere and i did not set any of this stuff up. Second. I have taken the drive from the server and managed to recover the lost data but the files seem to be damaged and the pages will not load. So is there a tool that can repair this? I did do backups each night but the backup didnt backup all files because it looks like they were in use so i only have a few good files to work with.

I had a developer build the site but i had a falling out with him and then 3 hours later my site is gone so go figure what happened there.

Is there any thing i can do?

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