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File Manager advice

Postby Wongadob » 28. July 2012 11:53


I would like some advice and recommendation on Web File servers. I am in the process of creating a site (I am a bit of a newbie, but want to realise my idea before presenting and getting investment to re-engineer the right way. (if I dont get it right myself)

I am a reasonably experinced programmer, mainly low level assemblty languages, C,, Javascript, PHP. I am less experienced in server side technologies. I have created software from scratch using XAMPP written in PHP and accessing a MY-SQL server, but what I am planning is a lot grander.

I plan on having a master mysql server to store user infromation that then points to other servers that will store that particular users data. A lot of this data will be again SQL databases, I know I can handle that bit, but the bit I have not done before and I am usure about is the storage of users files. i.e. jpg's etc. They will have the ability to upload picture and video files. I know I need to store these on a file server that is independant of the SQL server, but what I don't know if the technology to use for a file server.

What software should I be using for a file server. bare in mind I am familiar with Xampp in a WAMP set-up. I want something that is SUPER robust. I know I may need to change solurtions in the future if this takes off, but I don't want that transition to be too painful (as we all know the pace the web moves if it takes off. I think I have my architecture OK for server expansion, but need a tech that will allow me to set up multiple file servers if necessary.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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