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php 4.3.5 upgrade for windows version of xampp

PostPosted: 01. April 2004 01:03
by rawh
Could you please post an upgrade to php 4.3.5 like you did for the linux people? :D

thanks :)

PostPosted: 01. April 2004 06:12
by Kristian Marcroft

first of all, please do not post links to this Thread in the german Part of the Forum...
The english part is read just as often as the german!

We do this Project in our "free-time", so I don't think you have the rights to tell us what to do! Please just wait a bit...

It's not to easy to make these packages for you. So this takes time, and time costs money. Kay also has family, which I think comes first.

So just wait until the next Version comes out.
Normally it shouldn't take ages, but please stop demanding things!

So long