urgent :Drupal localhost: hyperlinks not working but home pa

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urgent :Drupal localhost: hyperlinks not working but home pa

Postby shaik kaleem » 13. July 2012 17:08

Drupal localhost: hyperlinks not working but home page loads

Homepage shows perfectly on localhost/homepage but when we click on
any hyperlink on the homepage then the hyperlink leads to localhost/xampp

Background: We are trying to create a test server by downloading from live site
we have exported and imported the database successfully and for PhP we downloaded the PhP through FTP public_html folders

when clicking on the home page links its redirecting to xampp page

we tried to use mod_rewrite which shows as loaded after our changes to enable it
we have cleared the cache
we have restarted apache

but hyperlinkls on home page still lead to localhost/xampp page
Drupal version 6.12
XAMPP 1.7 with PhP 5.29
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Re: urgent :Drupal localhost: hyperlinks not working but hom

Postby JonB » 14. July 2012 16:28

When one is asking for help, it is considered polite to open with a salutation. I'm sure everyone else feels their problems are also 'urgent'. Questions here are answered by two or three unpaid volunteers who take time from their professional work to answer, as accurately as possible, the requests of XAMPP users all over the world.

Now your question/answer -

Basically - the underlying issue is that those URL's that fail are script actions that call 'index.php' and then specify an action.
This comes down to Drupal (or Joomla or WP) configuration issues, and the fact that the configuration is pointing to the root of your DocumentRoot (htdocs) where - (guess what?) the default XAMMP 'index.php' is sitting. And its function is to redirect to htdocs/xampp/index.php - You may need to reconfigure Drupal/Joomla/WP or you might be able to fix by copying the Drupal index.php into htdocs. I don't know -- but that is the problem -- and the right place to get a good answer is in the Drupal Forums, documentation, or FAQ's.


Good Luck

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