using local host for wordpress

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using local host for wordpress

Postby kdd63 » 12. July 2012 17:04

I am using xampp as a local host to build a website using wordpress. I am not able to get pictures into the header of the site using my local host. I have tried putting them in the correct folder but they don't show up. I have also deleted the default images but they are still showing up. I checked the page source to be sure the url was directed towards my local host, which it is.
I then checked my configure.php file to be sure that it was directed towards my local host and it too is.
Can anyone advise me on this?
thank you!
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Re: using local host for wordpress

Postby JonB » 13. July 2012 16:10

Since you refer to your 'header' images as the problem - you should examine the settings/configuration of the WP 'Theme' you have installed.

"configure.php" <== What's that? - do you mean wp-config.php?

The best place for answers on WordPress is either their excellent forums, or the theme's authors pages/blog etc.

As the 'sticky note' says, this is a board for supporting XAMPP installation and configuration issues.

Good Luck
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