I had windows 2008 Sever with 64bit

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I had windows 2008 Sever with 64bit

Postby gopinathnaidu » 09. July 2012 12:41

I had a windows 2008 Server with 64 bit with 16gb Ram, what is the Installation Process, and what the Preventive Measure had to be Taken please provide me the Step by step Process..

Please Guys, Help Me ...
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Re: I had windows 2008 Sever with 64bit

Postby JonB » 09. July 2012 15:18

1. Download the .7z or .zip Windows version of XAMPP

2. Make sure the C++ 2008 SP1 runtime libraries are installed.

3. Expand the DL, and copy it to the root of a drive (such as C:\xampp)

4. You should now be able to start XAMPP, either using xampp_start.exe or xampp-control-3-beta.exe

Its not a production safe environment, as has been noted hundreds of times on this Forum. There's a section on basic security in my Excruciatingly Correct Guide (in my sig line).

Good Luck

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