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FATAL ERROR: register_globals

PostPosted: 31. March 2004 01:01
by ahurd
I have installed XAMPP and am trying to bring up the index.php file in oscommerce, which I have unzipped in \htdocs, in my PhP editor, Maguma. I get the following:

FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it!

After I do so by putting register_globals to on, I still get the same message. Could someone help? I am a total beginner! Thanks.

Albert Hurd

PostPosted: 31. March 2004 01:29
by Wiedmann
You must make the changes in the correct "php.ini" (because there are two there in different locations):
and restart apache

PostPosted: 31. March 2004 01:43
by ahurd
Thanks for your prompt reply. I changed both php.ini files, the one in \apache and the one in \php. Are there any others?


PostPosted: 31. March 2004 01:58
by Wiedmann
No. XAMPP have only two. One for PHP as cgi (/php) and one for mod_php (/apache/bin).

You can verify the setting with:

Search for "Configuration File". This one is used.
And "register_globals". Is it reallly "off"?

(A third place for this setting is in the file "httpd.conf". But I think, XAMPP don't use this place.)

PostPosted: 31. March 2004 03:03
by ahurd
phpinfo shows register_globals as off for both local and master values, even though it was set to on in both php.ini files (I found no reference to register_globals in httpd.conf). Very strange. What do you suggest I try next. Thanks for all your help.


PostPosted: 31. March 2004 03:27
by ahurd
Got it to work by rebooting. Apparently changes were not recorded even when I restarted apache. Thanks so much for all your trouble.


PostPosted: 01. April 2004 13:26
by Pc-dummy
HI abhurd

register_globals is a large security hole! <-- look