typical differences between XAMPP and web host(PHP?)

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typical differences between XAMPP and web host(PHP?)

Postby clamson » 01. July 2012 07:14

Hi all! I have been googling for hours looking for an answer to this question. I am trying to find the differences between XAMPP and other normal webhosts... I have a website that was was created on XAMPP and cant get it to work properly... there is a shopping cart that will not function properly when used on the web host. When the site is running on XAMPP it works fine. I am thinking it could be a difference in the PHP configuration but I really am not sure. I tried looking through with the php configurations on both XAMPP and the remote host...
echo phpinfo;

There were many differences but am not sure where to begin... can anyonoe give me an idea of what might be some typical differences that would cause problems? Thanks in advance!!!
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Re: typical differences between XAMPP and web host(PHP?)

Postby Altrea » 01. July 2012 17:59

Hi clamson,

Your thread is not easy to answer, because that mainly depends on the hoster and requirements of your scripts.
If you use third party scripts you should compare their installation requirements with your host configuration.

the most important comparison is the php version. It wouldn't make sense to use PHP 5.3.14 for your development environment and your hoster still uses PHP 5.2.10
The php setting which can make the most problems are register_globals.
Everything else can just be said if you tell us much more about your hosters php configuration and your scripts.

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