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Getting email to work on Apache

PostPosted: 27. June 2012 19:37
by bluelantern1163
Hello Apache Friends Forums,

I am currently in the process of turning my computer into a web server, and I am working on getting Apache to send emails when a form is filled out on the site.

I have a third party program that is helping me with writing the code for the form that will distribute an email, and when I try and fill out the form, no email was sent out to the email address (I checked the spam as well, just in case). I tried filling out the form in a different server, and the email was sent out.

It appears the issue is that the server is not configured to send emails yet. I have only ran the installation for XAMPP, and that is it at the moment. So, my question is how do I configure the XAMPP server to be able to send email?

Re: Getting email to work on Apache

PostPosted: 29. June 2012 15:16
by JonB
1. You will need to configure the 'fake sendmail' included with XAMPP. That is all that is needed to use PHP and Perl (or HTML) mailto functions.

2. I (again) caution you against running your own mailservers. Its another 'whole ball of wax' and, if poorly executed, an indirect way to get your domain on the e-mail blacklists. If you insist on going forward - DO NOT use Pegasus/MercuryMail. Its a bug-ridden POS. Use hMailserver, its free, well engineered and well supported.

Good Luck