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Install issues

Postby ChaoticPsyche » 26. June 2012 18:55

Ok, I am trying to make a website and I want to use XAMPP however I am having an issue installing it my issue starts as soon as I say it's alright to instal. I'm currently using Windows 7 starter, which is a more basic version of Windows 7, a very basic version. This is my issue:

Should I do this on my windows xp version and see if I get the same results or is it something I'm doing because I tried to do it with the zip file and it still didn't work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!!
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Re: Install issues

Postby trejder » 26. June 2012 21:49


I have just (seconds ago) downloaded and unpacked ZIP archives from here:

I've downloaded "" from ... (149 MB) and "" from ... (107 MB).

Both files are fine after download and are unpacking without any problems.

If you have integrity issue with both EXE versions and ZIP files, then 99,99% chances something is corupting all your downloads. Check your system for any possible viruses, then try to download these files again, just through pure web browser -- turn off everything, you can: virus scanner, download accelerator, etc., shutdown any system tool or application that you really don't need.

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