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Postby cindytao16 » 25. June 2012 07:59

Hi there, im working with xampp light v.1.7.3 and would like to know how can i change the setup_xampp.bat so when i start the batch file it will automatically select Y and finish the setup.
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Re: CONFIGURE Setup_xampp.BAT

Postby JonB » 25. June 2012 13:42

What message do you get when you run setup_xampp.bat?

I'm not sure how you have things set up - BUT - setup_xampp.bat is always run from the root of the XAMPP installation. It makes 'fixes' to all the configuration files based on its current working directory (like pwd would in the *nix world).

Generally, you copy XAMPP to a new location and then run setup_xampp.bat

Edit -
I see in your profile it says 'Windows/Linux", so if I say something you may already know, please forgive me. The USB version is not cross-platform.

Good Luck
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