I Can't see sql queries

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I Can't see sql queries

Postby klimba » 17. June 2012 19:44


I have xampp 1.7.7 When i'am in phpmyadmin I can't see sql queries for example when iam creating database i use databases I give the name and choose language and click "create" and database is createg but phpmyadmin don't show me the sql query.
Where I can change the settings

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Re: I Can't see sql queries

Postby Altrea » 18. June 2012 05:46

Hi klimba,

klimba wrote:Where I can change the settings

I don't think that is possible. The new phpmyadmin versions are using AJAX Requests for very basic SQL statements like creating a new database.
There is a flag $cfg['ShowSQL'] but this flag doesn't have any influence on the CREATE DATABASE Statement (tested).

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